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This is kind of the more personal part of my website. If you're interested in my professional activities, please go to the Music area, where you can look at the things I've done recently and what I'm up to now. The Archive is the place where I've put everything I've ever done, along with MP3 samples of songs and albums I put together when I was a kid- kind of a record of my juvenalia :-) I put this stuff up here not because I think it's necessarily good (although I think there are some cool things here and there,) but because I think a lot of it's kind of funny, and I suspect the only reason you're here and reading this is because you're bored out of your mind, or you are seriously procrastinating! So, let me give you your money's worth...

I started playing guitar when I was 11, sometime in 1985. I started playing because my best friend, Michael Jones, had two older brothers, David and Matt, who played in a band called Modern Art. One day, I was hanging out at Michael's house while Modern Art was practicing, and I noticed that their guitarist, Charles Wyrick, had these curious looking electronic boxes at his feet- a flanger pedal and a digital delay. The sound those pedals made when they were on totally blew me away- they were cooler than Legos :-) That's when I decided I wanted to play the guitar.

My Dad played the guitar, and he was my first teacher. The first thing I ever learned how to play was the bass line to Louie Louie, the song by Richard Berry later made so famous by The Kingsmen. I was sitting on our couch, watching Transformers after school one day when I stumbled upon those three notes- it was a defining moment in my life. I proceeded to play them over and over again, for hours, totally enthralled with the discovery. Later, my Dad taught me the chords and eventually the solo. Soon after, Matt Jones taught me the opening riff of U2's I Will Follow, along with the intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday. He also taught me Purple Haze and some Modern Art songs (Black and White World, Unmarked Cars)- all in the back of the Jones' station wagon one weekend on a trip up to St. George, SC. Thus began the adventure...

There are four distinct chapters to my musical saga up until 1997, when the saga that's being enacted now officially began. The rest of the site deals with that, but here you'll (hopefully) find some interesting stuff, too... The chapters are listed to the side- click on the links to find out more :-)



Me with my Dad, ca. 1978


I. My First Band

Jimmy and the Rotting Potatoes (1987-1988)
The Rotting Potatoes (1988-1990)


II. The Teenage Angst Years

NOT (1990-1991)


III. First Solo Projects

Expressions (1991)
My Very Own Self Portrait (1992)

Watching and Waiting (1992)
The Lost Album (1993)

IV. The "Who Am I and What 
the Fuck Am I Doing?" Years
The first few years of college (1992-1995)

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