Chamber Music

Prelude for Sarasota, "Vignette" (2010)
for guitar and percussion

Obstinate Snakes! (2010)
for saxophone quartet

Crescive Variations (2010)
for violin and piano

Cracks In the Ice (2009)
for string quartet

Unraveling (2007)
for electric guitar, three looping machines, and percussion

Raunch (2006)
for fl, bcl, egtr [=2egtr], pno, cb

Like a Sick, Breathing Tambura (2006)
for four percussionists

the dark out of the nighttime (2005)
for fl, vla, gtr, hp

Celestial Sketchbook (1998, rev. 2004)
for string quartet

Two Pieces for Chamber Ensemble (2003)
for fl, cl, vn, vc, pno, perc

Drum Circle (2002)
for four percussionists

Tapping Roots (2001)
for string quartet

Duet for Violin and Cello (1998)
for violin and cello (alt. egtr)

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