for 5-6 instruments
Year: 2006
Duration: 9'
First Performance: 12 December 2006 Taplin Auditorium, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  NOW Ensemble with Andrew McKenna Lee, guitar
fl – bcl – 2e.gtr – pno – cb (aslo available in a version for one guitar)  
Pif, R.I.P.  

Click here to listen to some raunchy MP3 excerpts

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Program Notes

"...it's all part, of my rock n' roll fantasy..."

If you can listen past the horrendously lo-fi, distorted, terrible-recording-quality mp3 clips of Raunch, then you may hear some music. Ordinarily, I would hesitate to put such clips up on the site, but in a weird kind of way, they sort of fall in line with the piece itself – very garage band.

The excerpts that are given, however, are relatively listenable, and I remember the performance going quite well. Unfortunately, what is not included here was way too distorted to even consider using. except for the excerpt from the end of the piece, where it's supposed to sound that way!




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