The Knells
  1. Airlift
2. Thread
3. Fray
4. Dying In Waves
5. Distance
6. Synchromesh
7. Seethe
8. Dissolve
9. Spiral Proem
10. Spiral Knells

cover art by Shepard Fairey

The Knells' eponymous, debut album was released on New Amsterdam Records in November 2013, and was cited as one of the year's most notable releases in The New Republic, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Daily Beast, Textura, and many others. For more information on The Knells, please visit here.


Gravity and Air
  J.S. Bach
1. Prelude for Lute in D Minor, BWV 999

Andrew McKenna Lee
Five Refractions of a Prelude by Bach
(2004, 2008)
2. Variation
3. Fixation
4. Fantasy (Perpetuum Mobile)
5. Nocturne
6. Toccata

7. the dark out of the nighttime (2005)

Scordatura Suite
8. Arabescata
9. Gravity and Air
10. Dizzying Array

cover art by Bruce Zeines

Gravity and Air, released on New Amsterdam Records in January 2009, features debut recordings
of the solo guitar works Five Refractions of a Prelude by Bach and the Scordatura Suite, as well as the chamber piece
the dark out of the nighttime, for flute, viola, harp, and guitar.



Andrew McKenna Lee
1. Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea (2005)
    homage to Jimi Hendrix
    for electric guitar and pre-recorded accompaniment (i. e. tape)

Steve Reich
Electric Counterpoint
2. I. Fast
3. II. Slow
4. III. Fast

Andrew McKenna Lee
5. One Thought Among Many(2007)

cover art: Verdant Counterpoint by Ellin Larimer

A collection of works for electric guitar, Solar/Electric features the release of the psychadelic, prog-rock inspired
fantasy concerto Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea; the brief, cosmological expedtion One Thought Among Many;
and Steve Reich's seminal minimalist work for guitar, Electric Counterpoint.
Click the player below to hear a 4-minute, audio sampler medley of Solar/Electric tracks.

Solar/Electric is available now through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. Those who would like to purchase a CD for $12 (including shipping and handling) — complete with jewel case, cover art, and liner notes — please contact me to arrange a PayPal transaction, or visit

Tempus Fugit
Contemporary works for guitar performed by Sergio Sorrentino

Works for classical, electric, baroque, and beating guitar by Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Azio Corghi, Bruno Maderna, Andrew McKenna Lee, Ivano Morrone, Massimo Munari, Maurizio Pisati, and Sergio Sorrentino

Available on Silta Classics SC004

Available on iTunes


    Sergio Sorrentino
1. Impro Prelude
2. De Citharae Natura

    Maurizio Pisati
3. Chahack

    Massimo Munari
4. Preludio ad una Serenata

    Azio Corghi
5. Consonancias y Redobles    

     Ivano Morrone
6. Vjersh

    Fabio Cifariello Ciardi
7. Buleria a quattro

    Andrew McKenna Lee
8. Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea

    Bruno Maderna
9. Serenata per un Satellite

    Sergio Sorrentino
10. Impro Postlude