photo credit- Frank Wojciechowski

Playing the Guitar

“The guitar is no more than a cowbell, so easy to play, especially rasgueado, that there is not a stable lad who is not a guitarist.”

-Sebastian Covarrubias Oroco, 17th century

"I have always been attracted to terrible instruments..."

-Hector Berlioz, 19th century




J.S. Bach – Prelude BWV 999; AML – Variation
clip length: 3'38"
J.S. Bach – Allemande from BWV 996
clip length: 3'12"

Andrew McKenna Lee
1. Scordatura Suite
2. Five Refractions of a Prelude by Bach
3. Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea
4. Unraveling

J.S. Bach
Prelude, Fugue, and Allegro (BWV 998)

1. Prelude
2. Fugue
3. Allegro

Lennox Berkeley
Sonatina, Op. 51

1. Allegretto
2. Lento
3. Rondo: Allegro non troppo

D. Scarlatti – Sonata K. 481 in A Minor
clip length: 5'47"
Lennox Berkeley – Sonatina, Op. 51; I. Allegretto
clip length: 4'37"
Lee – Scordatura Suite: I. Arabescata
clip length: 4'52"
Lee – Scordatura Suite: II. Gravity and Air
clip length: 5'38"
Lee – Scordatura Suite: III. Dizzying Array
clip length: 5'53"
Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint
3 clips
Arabescata and Sunrise From the Bottom of the Sea
clip length: 8'06"