Music Engraving and Materials Preparation

I am pleased to offer professional preparation of performance materials via the Sibelius music notation software program. This includes the production of conductor scores, study scores, and parts extraction. In addition to these basic services, I also offer the following:

  • Score and parts creation from hard copy scores, or from Sibelius and/or Finale files
  • arranging and orchestrating for ensemble (from piano score or from one group of instruments to another)
  • piano reductions (from full score)
  • transpositions and transcriptions
  • digital scanning and archiving of hard copy materials
  • expert editing of guitar parts (fingerings, technical notes, etc.)
  • high quality, electronic MIDI realizations
  • professional audio production services for works requiring electronic 'tape' or media accompaniment

Check the links at the bottom of the page for exmple files, or peruse the music part of the site for additional examples. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Printed materials are produced on the following page sizes, depending upon the requested size of the score and the desired
number of staves and systems per page. Scores include covers printed on heavy card stock, title pages, and instrumentation pages detailing composer and arranger information, date of composition, duration, score transposition, and full percussion complement. After printing, scores are comb or spiral bound at the customer's request, and an electronic file is delivered to the customer in both Sibelius and PDF file formats. Please inquire about the possibility of other custom page layouts if necessary.


  • 11x17 large conductor score (orchestra or large ensemble)
  • 8.5x14 medium conductor or study score (orchestra or large ensemble)
  • 8.5x14 large score (small to medium ensemble)
  • 8.5x11 small score (small ensemble)



  • 8.5x11 small ensemble parts*
  • 10x13 full size orchestral or large ensemble parts**
  • 9x12 full size orchestral or large ensemble parts**

* - 8.5x11 parts can be printed as separate pages and bound, or printed "booklet" style and saddle stapled up the spine

** - parts this size are created electronically. While it is possible to produce complete, printed and bound parts in this format in-house, technical limitations prohibit large production quantities. It is recommended that after electronic formatting, clients consider using Subito Music or some other professional music printing service for the printing and binding of parts.



  • $20 - $40 per page for engraving work from hard copy scores, depending upon complexity. Contact me for an estimate.
  • $40 per page for arranging and orchestrating †
  • $30 per hour for editing and proofreading (includes transcriptions and transpositions)
  • $20 per hour for part printing and binding
  • $5 per bound score sized 8.5x14 or smaller. $10 for scores sized 11x17

† - a fair amount of score engraving is completed during the arranging process. Once arranging is finished, clients are charged the editing rate of $30 per hour for additional formatting and editing.


Example Files *


*- these examples are all copyrighted